241. 2 Roll Special

242. 3 Roll Special

  1. California Roll

    (Crabstick, cucumber, avacado, & fish roe)

  2. Avacado Roll


  3. Cucumber Roll


  4. Tuna Roll


  5. Salmon Roll


  6. Shrimp Cucumber Roll

    (Shrimp, cucumber, & mayo sauce)

  7. Salmon Avacado Roll

    (Salmon & avacado)

  8. Peanut Avacado Roll

    (Peanut & avacado)

  9. Tuna Avacado Roll

    (Tuna & avacado)

  10. Spicy Tuna Roll

    (Tuna, crunchy, masago & spicy sauce)

  11. Alaska Roll

    (Salmon, cucumber, & avacado)

  12. Crunchy Spicy Salmon Roll

    (Salmon, crunchy, masago, onion & spicy sauce)

  13. Boston Roll

    (Shrimp, Cucumber, lettuce & mayo sauce)

  14. Philadelphia Roll

    (Smoked salmon, cream cheese, & scallions)

  15. Crunchy Shrimp Roll

    (Shrimp, tempura crunchy, & mayo sauce)

  16. Sherwood Roll

    (Crabstick, avacado, masago, crunchy with spicy sauce)

  17. Spricy Crunchy Roll

    (Deep fried shrimp, tempura crunchy & spicy sauce)


Kobe Special Rolls

18. Rainbow Roll

(California roll inside, three color fish on top)

  1. Soft Shell Crab Roll (Spider)

    (Soft shell crab, crabstick, avacado, eel sauce, & fish roe on top)

  2. Holly Springs Roll

    (Shrimp Tempura, lettuce, cucumver, avacado, & Tobiko with eel sauce)hs

  3. New York Roll

    (Tuna, Salmon, White Fish& Masago inside, crunchy on the top)

  4. King Dragon Roll

    (Eel on the top with crab, cucumber, avacado, shrimp & fish roe)

  5. Green Dragon Roll

    (Eel, cucumber, avacado, masago, spicy & eel sauce on top)

  6. N.C. Roll

    (Crabstick, shrimp, cream cheese, avacado, crunchy, masago, spicy & mayo sauce on top)


All served with Miso Soup or Salad

301. Sushi Combo

5 pc Assortment/California Roll

302. Sushi Delux

5 pc assortment/California roll/Tuna Roll


(A la Carte) 1 piece per order

  1. Tuna

  2. Yellowtail

  3. Yellowtail Belly

  4. Salmon

  5. Salmon Belly

  6. Smoked Salmon

  7. Octopus

  8. Squid

  9. Salmon Caviar

  10. Smelt Roe

  11. Flying Fish Roe

  12. Shrimp

  13. Sweet Shrimp

  14. Red Snapper

  15. Crabstick

  16. Scallop

  17. Surf Clam

  18. Egg Omlet

  19. Fresh Water Eel

  20. Spicy Flying Fish Roe

  21. Snow Crab

  22. Spicy Octopus

Sashimi (3pc)



Red Snapper

Yellow Tail



Spicy Tuna




Salmon Skin